About Us

We Believe in inspiring people with breakthrough innovation. This Inovationdates back to 1981, when we were the first to introduce satelitte television receivers to Indonesia. This creative spirit thrives in our company as we stay in touch with the latest technologies and deliver our product with cutting edge design. We make Smart, Beautiful & Energy-Saving Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. Dast also use Low Energy Cosumption And High Performance


Dast also has sales in hypermart, Along with the continuing growth of modern market in Indonesia, starting with the presence of Carrefour, followed by other alike markets such and Hypermart, Giant and LotteMart; Indonesian consumers are given the choice of getting daily supplies and groceries in a comfortable and convenient environment. These ever-growing markets are based on a one-stop-shopping concept, giving business opportunities not only for consumer goods industries but also for other industries such as electronics.

Electronic hypermarkets emerged to fulifil the needs of consumer's complementary needs. Among the brands are Electronic City, Electronic Solution, Best Denki, etc. Other specialized hypermarkets such as Ace Hardware, Pong's Best, Mitra 10 are concentrating in household supplies. With such amount of hypermarkets growth in Indonesia and especially in Jakarta, manufacturing companies and distributors get business deals to supply their products and get them in the market. Nationwide we have a lot of POS (Points of Sales) in several modern market key account segments.

In addition to having 4 lines including sales / work in all areas, we are also supported by the supporting department to bring best performers working together to support the operation of our business, namely: Service, Logistics & Warehouse and IT units.