Type Capacity(kW)
1.0 1.5 2.0 2.6 3.5 4.1 5.3 7.1 8.8 10.6 13.2 15.8
Ceiling Wall           Capacity:4.1kW Capacity:5.3kW Capacity:7.1kW        
Wall Mounted Capacity:2.0kW Capacity:2.6kW Capacity:2.0kW Capacity:2.6kW Capacity:3.5kW Capacity:4.1kW Capacity:5.3kW Capacity:7.1kW Capacity:8.8kW      
Floor       Capacity:2.6kW Capacity:3.5kW Capacity:4.1kW            
Compact Cassette         Capacity:3.5kW Capacity:4.1kW Capacity:5.3kW Capacity:7.1kW        
Cassette                 Capacity:8.8kW Capacity:10.6kW Capacity:13.2kW Capacity:15.8kW
Floor / Ceiling Universal             Capacity:5.3kW          
Ceiling                 Capacity:8.8kW Capacity:10.6kW Capacity:13.2kW Capacity:15.8kW
Compact Duct         Capacity:3.5kW Capacity:4.1kW Capacity:5.3kW          
Duct               Capacity:7.1kW Capacity:8.8kW Capacity:10.6kW Capacity:13.2kW  
High Static Pressure Duct                     Capacity:13.2kW Capacity:15.8kW


The models and the specifications are different according to the country or the region which you live in.
Please refer the each country or region's Web site for the details.

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