Improved Comfort (V Series)

Comfort ensured by high precision control technology

    Individual air conditioning system
    Pleasant air conditioning meeting individual room requirements.

    Liquid level balance control
    Stable capacity and reduction of refrigerant noise by optimum state refrigerant

    Balancing of the refrigerant in the system is optimized by liquid level balance control and subcool circuit between the receiver tanks of each outdoor unit. Stable refrigerant supply allows long pipe runs and achieves stable operational system performance whilst reducing unpleasant refrigerant noise.

    Increased refrigerant capacity by subcool

    Room temperature control
    Comfort at any time by high precision refrigerant flow control

    High precision ±0.5°C ensures comfortable temperature control of the room. This is achieved by smooth refrigerant flow, controlled by inverter and by the indoor unit electronic expansion valve.

    Figure : Comfortable due to small variation of room temperature

    Inverter control
    Comfort and energy saving achieved by implementation of inverter control

    Comfort and energy saving is achieved by the adoption of linear step control in conjunction with inverter and constant speed compressor combination, which allows more precise control of the necessary refrigerant circulation amount required according to the system load. This also allows for a comfortable environment by use of smooth capacity control.

    The capacity control by the inverter compressor
    Inverter Constant speed  

    Super quiet
    Outdoor unit

      Quiet operating sound outdoor unit achieved
      Operating noise has been reduced further through the application of a new dual casing bell mouth and large fan. The noise level can be reduced by 4-5dB (A) compared to normal operation by selecting silent operation.

    Indoor unit

      Quiet indoor units suited for bedrooms and other rooms which require quietness are available.

      Compact Duct
      Silent Model
      Low Static Pressure Duct
      Silent Model
      Compact Wall Mounted
      Comfort Model
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