Design Freedom (V Series)

Design features ensure solutions for all applications
    Connectable large capacity
    Indoor units up to 150% of the capacity of the outdoor unit can be connected
    The Indoor unit connection ratio of this system can be from 50 to 150% of the outdoor unit capacity, thus achieving a high level of diversification with up to 48 indoor units (30 to 42HP) connectable on one refrigerant system.

    Note :

    When all indoor units are operating at maximum capacity individual indoor units
    operate at a slightly lower capacity.(When connecting more than 100%)

    Low outdoor air temperature operation
    Expansion of operating ranges

    World's top class low outdoor air temperature operating range is achieved. This extends the potential locations for use to the cold regions of the world.
    -15 degree area operation possible in cooling, and -20 degree area operation possible in heating.
    *1 Note : When outdoor units connect multiple, operating range is from -5 °C to 43°C in cooling.
    Cooling Range is from -15 degree to 43 degree. Heating Range is from -20 degree to 21 degree.

    Long piping system design
    With the V Series, installation up to a maximum piping length of 150m and a maximum height difference of 50m is possible.
    In addition, the piping can be extended up to a maximum of 60m from the first separation tube.

    Compact outdoor unit improves effective use of space
    Installation space can be reduced freeing up valuable building space

    V series is 33% space saving compared to conventional model.(This case is about 28HP system.)
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