Easy Installation (V Series)

Multi air conditioning system for large buildings with numerous superior construction work features
    Simple communication wiring
    Connection method simplifies installation and prevents errors

    By using our wiring connection method, the wiring length is reduced compared to other wiring systems.

    Other wiring method
    Simple wiring method
    Simple piping system
    Separation tubes and headers provide connection flexibility and simplicity reducing installation costs.

    Piping system allows reduction of the number of pipes
    Example: 90HP=10HP x 3units x 3

    • V series
      Less piping
    • Conventional model

    Compact outdoor unit can be carried in a small elevator

    Outdoor unit goes into elevator

    Lifting belt hooks convenient in crane work
    Craning into place

    The outdoor unit can be lifted by crane and set down on the building roof.

    Easy removing pallet
    Delivery pallet can be easily removed and installation work can be performed speedily.

    Pipe size reduction
    Use of R410A refrigerant allows for a pipe size reduction compared to the conventional system.
    This offers improvement in construction work and a reduction in piping costs.

    In case of gas pipe for 10HP outdoor unit

    Choice of 4-direction piping connection
    Piping connection

    4-direction piping allows a variety of installation configurations. Easy installation and pipe direction setting.

    Figure : Four-direction pipe
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