Features (V Series)

High Reliability

  • Compressor rotation control
  • Emergency operation
  • Optimum oil control
  • Blue fin heat exchanger mounted
  • Web monitoring tool

Improved Comfort

  • Individual air conditioning system
  • Liquid level balance control
  • Room temperature control
  • Inverter control
  • Super quiet

High Efficiency Operation

  • Effective use of the heat exchanger of other outdoor units
  • Large propeller fan
  • Sine-wave DC Inverter Control
  • DC inverter + Scroll compressor
  • High efficiency
  • High efficiency refrigerant R410A

Design Freedom

  • Connectable large capacity
  • Low outdoor air temperature operation
  • Long piping system design
  • Compact outdoor unit improves effective use of space

Easy Installation

  • Simple communication wiring
  • Simple piping system
  • Piping system allows reduction of the number of pipes
  • Compact outdoor unit can be carried in a small elevator
  • Lifting belt hooks convenient in crane work
  • Easy removing pallet
  • Pipe size reduction
  • Choice of 4 direction piping connection

Service & Maintenance

  • Improves maintenance and inspection mobility (Service Tool)
  • Operating display
  • Error display with self-diagnosis function
  • Drain pan cleaning is easy
  • Easy replacement


    It supports every user's needs by offering a variety of control systems available, such as individual control, central control and building management system control options.
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