High Reliability (V Series)

High reliability provides a constant comfortable indoor environment
    Compressor rotation control
    Improvement of long life by reducing compressor wear
    In addition to control which reduces the number of times the compressor is started and stopped, the load at starting is shared and equalized by rotation control. This rotation improves the durability and reliability of each compressor.

    Compressor starting rotation ( Constant speed )

    Inverter Constant speed

    Emergency operation
    Outdoor unit

      Continuous operation is possible even in the unlikely event of compressor failure
      There is no immediate system shutdown if trouble occurs in any compressor. The other compressors continue to operate on an emergency basis.

    Indoor unit

      Continuous operation is possible even if trouble occurs at an indoor unit

      Each indoor unit is controlled individually on the system network. This allows all indoor units continue to run unaffected even if trouble should occur at any indoor unit(s) in one system.

    Optimum oil control
    Stable operation of compressor by optimum oil control
    1. High trapping efficiency, large capacity cyclone type oil separator
    2. Oil balance control which maintains uniform oil levels
    3. Optimum EEV control for oil and refrigerant circulation

    Blue fin heat exchanger mounted
    Corrosion-resistance of the heat exchanger even in coastal areas has been improved by blue fin treatment of the outdoor unit heat exchanger.

    Web monitoring tool ( Software )
    Trouble free operation at all times by web monitoring tool

    The operational status of the VRF system within the building can be monitored in real time over the Internet.

    *Please contact your distributor for details.
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