Service & Maintenance (V Series)

This VRF V Series has numerous special features which incorporate our newest technology. Service and mainte-nance are performed accurately and speedily. Confidently use pleasant air conditioning anytime.
    Improves maintenance and inspection mobility (Service Tool)
    Extremely portable and convenient USB type adaptor was used. Connection anywhere in the VRF network is easy. Data can be collected from device sensors at a minimum interval of 2 second, and maintenance and inspection work can performed easily.

    Operating display
    Outdoor unit

      By indicating the operating status and details of failures on a PCB in the outdoor unit, better service and quick and easy maintenance are possible.

    Indoor unit

      The operation status of the indoor unit can be easily checked by operation indicator. In addition, when an error occurs, the error contents are displayed and repair work can be performed quickly.

      Compact Cassette Type
      Compact Wall Mounted Type
      Floor / Ceiling Type
      Ceiling Wall Type

      Note: For duct type indoor units, an IR receiver unit is necessary.

    Error display with self-diagnosis function
    When an error or abnormality occurred in the system, the indoor unit No. and error code at which the error occurred are displayed at the display section of the controller. (Except wireless remote controller)

    • Wired remote controller
    • Simple remote controller

    Drain pan cleaning is easy
    Detachable drain pan simplifies removal of fallen leaves collected in the drain pan at the bottom of the heat exchanger

    Easy replacement
    Compressor can be moved by pull-out tray which simplifies inspection and replacement work. A pull-out plate ensures easy compressor replacement if necessary.

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