Service Tool [Software]

Model : UTR-YSTC [Option]
Extensive monitoring and analysis functions for installation and maintenance
  • Operational status can be checked and analyzed to detect even the smallest abnormalities.
  • Storage of data on system operating status on a PC allows access even from off site.
  • For remote installations, operating data can be quickly emailed to a central station for alarm notification and analysis.


Wiring connection
    Wiring connection Image

System equipment list

    System equipment list This list displays all equipment connected to the system.
    Simple operating status parameters are displayed for instant recognition in the event of problems.

Equipment status detail

    Equipment status detail Current status of each equipment and sensor data can be displayed on a circuit diagram and plotted on a graph.
    Simply move the cursor along the graph to review past data on the circuit diagram.
Commissioning tool
    Extensive test support provided; for maintenance purposes, sensor data can be saved and exported to CSV files that can be read in Microsoft Excel.
    This is useful in compiling test reports.
Error history
    Error history Permits review of the current error and provides a history of the previous 50 errors for each piece of equipment.


      AT compatible machine that runs Microsoft® Windows®
    Personal Computer Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
    (English version / Service pack3 or later)

    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
    (English version / Service pack1 or later)
    CPU Intel® Pentium® / Celeron® ,AMD AthlonTM / DuronTM 1GHz or higher
    HDD 4 GB or more
    Memory 256 MB or more
    Interface Serial port or USB port
    Software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 4.0 or later
    Hardware Inter Link cable D-sub 9Pin [Field supplied] / Transmission Adapter ( UTR - YTMA )
Packing List
    Packing List CD-ROM / Software Protection Key
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