Rating Capacity range 16HP


Outdoor units

Space Saving Combination

Unit 1

Energy Efficiency Combination


Efficiency in actual operation

  • Space saving combination
  • Energy efficiency combination
  • Space saving and compact size
  • Energy saving technology that boosted operation efficiency

Design Flexibility

  • Overall piping length 1,000m
  • High static pressure of 80Pa

More Comfort

  • Non-stop oil recovery operation

Easy Service & Maintenance

  • Indoor unit continuous operation



Rating Capacity range 16HP
Set Model name AJY144LALH
Units AJY144LALH
Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit*1 24
Indoor unit connectable capacity 22.5 - 67.5kW
Power source 3-phase 4 wire, 400 V, 50Hz
Capacity Cooling  45.0kW  Heating 50.0kW
Input power Cooling  14.17kW  Heating 12.60kW
EER Cooling  3.18W/W
COP Heating  3.97W/W
Air flow late 13,000m³/h
Sound pressure level*2 Cooling  61dB(A)  Heating 61dB(A)
Maximum external static pressure 80Pa
Compresor motor output 3.9kW + 4.5kW
Heat exchanger fin Blue fin
Dimensions 1,690(H) × 1,240(W) × 765(D)mm
Weight 303kg
Refrigerant charge 11.8kg
Connection pipe diameter Liquid 12.70mm
Gas 28.58mm
Operation range Cooling  -15 to 46°CDB
Heating -20 to 21°CDB
  • *1Minimum connectable indoor unit number is 2.
    However ARXC72 and ARXC90 can be used signal connection.
  • *2The noise value is the value when measured in an anechoic room.
    When measured in the actual installed state, surrounding noise and reflections are received and the measured value is usually larger than the indicated value.
  • Note : Specifications are based on the following conditions.
  • Cooling : Indoor temperature of 27°CDB / 19°C, and outdoor temperature of 35°CDB / 24°C.
  • Heating : Indoor temperature of 20°CDB / (15°C), and outdoor temperature of 7°CDB / 6°C.
  • Pipe length : 7.5 m; Height difference between outdoor unit and indoor unit : 0 m.
    When cooling operation will be conducted at outdoor air temperature below -5°C, the outdoor unit must be installed in a position that is higher than or equal to those of indoor units.



Outdoor Dimensions : 1,690(H) × 1240(W) × 765(D)mm

A-Front side knockout position. B-Left side knockout position. C-Bottom side knockout position.


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