We Provide Services

Supported by our experienced and best team in the field of HVAC and Electrical Mechanical. Of course, our expertise has been applied in various building and industrial projects in Indonesia. HVAC Installation is our Specialty. which includes:
  1. AC Central (VRF, Single Split and Multi Split)
  2. Piping
  3. Air Duct
  4. Electrical Control
In every implementation of our work we use SOPs for Maintenance, both Weekly and Monthly. Our partner's satisfaction is our main goal. of course our responsibility as HVAC Service and Maintenance Services is to always be in good condition. The following are details of our work in service and repair:
  1. Repair
  2. replacement of parts
  3. etc

Providing the best quality for your HVAC Project

Tiga Berlian Electric is a company engaged in HVAC System Consulting and Construction services. We are here and ready to provide input on how to improve the existing system to make it more efficient. you don't need to worry about quality, we also always provide prices that can compete with other companies.


Why Tiga Berlian Electric ?

  1. Understand and comply with applicable regulations
  2. High quality in products and services
Tiga Berlian Electric is one of the many companies that provide services in the field of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning). In this case we focus our work on the Installation of AC Units (VRF System, Single Split, and Multi Split).


Completed Projects


Running Projects


List of clients for Fujitsu AC maintenance contracts

Our staff and technicians are always ready to provide fast, clean and professional services to clean and maintain air conditioners in your home, office and apartment.

PT. Usaha Gedung Mandiri Ascott/ My Home Apartment
PT. Bona Fide Pratama Botanica Apartment
PT. Tiang Lion Senopati Suites Apartment
PT. Sanghiang Perkasa Raffles Residences Apartment
PT. Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha Tbk Verde Apartment
PT. Glencore Indonesia Plaza Asia
PT. Kintetsu World Express Indonesia Holland Bakery Group
PT. Vermont Interindo Yayasan Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia
PT. Asiaplast Industries Tbk Pusat Otak Nasional Hospital
PT. Mulford Indonesia etc.